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Pacman Jones Screws the Titans One More Time on the Way Out

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Let me start by saying that I am still very excited that he is gone.  He did find a way to screw the Titans one more time, as many of you have pointed out this morning, because if he does not get reinstated this season the Titans will have to send a pick to the Cowboys in 2009. (The article says it is a 5th, Paul Kuharsky said on the radio this morning that it is a 4th)  If the Titans would have pulled the trigger on this deal at the owner's meetings before the $15,000 in "extortion" money came out, they would have gotten two picks from the Cowboys with no strings attached.  (Extortion in quotes because I am not convinced that it wasn't hit money)

I guess you can't really blame #32 for that though.  The Titans handled the Pacman situation terribly from day 1.  It ended just as terribly as they kept holding out for a better deal thinking that nothing else was going to come out.  They should have learned a long time ago that something else is always going to come out.

I have to give props to a friend of mine for calling this the day the Titans picked him.  We were in the parking lot of a Chik-Fil-A on our way to Atlanta waiting to hear the announcement of whom the Titans had picked.  When the announced Adam "Pacman" Jones, CB, West Virginia my friend went nuts about how it was a terrible pick.  I told him I liked the pick and that he would end up being a really good player.  Three years later he was absolutely right.  Good call Jeff.

Update [2008-4-24 12:24:12 by Jimmy]: The Titans send a 4th if he doesn't get reinstated, and a 5th if he gets reinstated but gets suspended. Thanks Don.