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With the 26th Pick in the MCM Mock Draft

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....the Jacksonville Jaguars represented by jtc2086 select....

Kentwan Balmer, DT, North Carolina

I believe that Kentwan Balmer is the pick in this situation. The Jags biggest needs are both positions on the defensive line, and I think he is the best player available. I'm not big on a lot of the Defensive Ends in this class. I thought Merling would be there, but that didn't happen and there is something that scares me about the other DE, this high at least not in the 1st. Not saying that more won't go in the first round, but I think there is some likely "bust players" as there always is. So with all that said Kentwan Balmer  should be able to help the weakest part on the Jags Defense.

Also, I took part in a blog draft over at  Click here to see the draft and who I selected.



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