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With the 25th Pick in the MCM Mock Draft

....the Seattle Seahawks represented by DonFrancisco select....

Lawrence Jackson, DE, USC

The Seahawks are a well coached, solid football team without a lot of immediate needs. However, some of the team is aging, and the team could go a lot of different directions with this pick. They could look to get depth for an OL that is not on the same level it was a few years ago. They could also look to add a little more depth and toughness to a defense that was not great last year by drafting a DT, DE, or Safety. With Sean Alexander being cut, they could even go after a RB if they think any are worthy here even though they acquired Duckett and Jones. They could also use some help in the WR, TE, KR/PR areas as well. However, I think if the draft played out as this one has, I believe they will take Lawrence Jackson DE from USC. He is big, he is good. That is about all I know about him or the Seahawks. Holla