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With the 24th Pick in the MCM Mock Draft

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....the Tennessee Titans represented by Big Bad Bulluck (captain cranky) select....

This is the easiest pick of the draft to me so far. We get a player that should have gone in the top 15 to 20 picks. Not only are we getting a player with great value at this spot, it is also a player in a position of need for us. DT is probably the bigger need here by a small margin, I just couldn't see us taking Balmer with the bust factor. You guys kind of killed me eating up all those WR in a row.

Merling will not wow you with his athleticism, but he will be a solid player for years to come. With great size and strength and an array of pass rushing moves he will no doubt be a force to reckon with teaming up with Big Al and KVB. Fought through double teams all season to collect 7 sacks, love to see what he will do with our D-lineman taking those up. We will see immediate production. No bust questions about this guy. Plays hard on every down and plays with that nasty streak coaches love. While guys like Gholston and Harvey are great pass rushers, Merling fits more of a Chris Long mold, solid against the run and pass. In Merling we'd be gettting the second most complete DE in the draft.

Other players considered - Aquid Talib - Jerod Mayo is a player I think a lot of you are underestimating. Should also be a top 20 pick. If we were taking the top available player regardless of need he would be our pick.