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Are You Listening Mike Reinfeldt?

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Jim Wyatt has a great article in this morning's Tennessean about general manager defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth's thoughts on the draft and trades. Here are some of the highlights:

On Chad Johnson:

"I could do without the lip, but the player ... he would make Vince Young be what he can be,'' he said. "We have good receivers, but we need someone who is going to draw a double-team every time to free other guys up, and somebody like Chad is going to draw a double-team no matter what because they respect him so much."

On Malcolm Kelly:

"I don't think he'll be there at 24, but I think he would definitely be a help,'' Haynesworth said.

"Hearing about him and watching the receiver class, I think a big receiver like that would give Vince a big target, not just because he's my agent's client, just the fact he is a big target and has good hands. And from hearing from Chad he is a good person and has a good head on his shoulders.''*

*Kelly's agent is also Haynesworth's agent.

Haynesworth went on to talk about the Titans needing to draft a speed running back and add some playmakers on the defensive line. He said those playmakers on the defensive line could not be found at #24 so the Titans need to make some trades.

I have something to say to Albert:

You just worry about keeping yourself on the field for 16 games this season and let the front office people worry about the personnel. I find it interesting that you finally live up to your hype in your sixth NFL season, and all of a sudden you are an expert on personnel. Prove to us that you can be that player when you aren't in a contract year, and maybe we will care about your thoughts on who the team drafts.