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Some of you may have noticed that a lot of sites on our networks have changed the way they look in the last month.  What you are seeing on those sites, such as Bleed Cubbie Blue, is what is known as SBN 2.0.  We are making the switch on Friday.  It is going to make the community here so much better than it already is.

I don't know if you are like me, but I am not a big fan of change.  The new site is going to take some getting use to, but once we all do, we will wonder how we ever used the current site.

The best thing about the new site for me is that I won't have to do my own html anymore.  It is going to make posting so much easier.  The community as a whole will benefit from the auto-refreshing comments.  Our open game threads, which were a blast last season, will be even better in 2008 because of that.

The screenname you have now has been reserved for you, so you are in no risk of losing that.  You will even be able to upload an avatar to come up on all your comments and fanposts (currently called diaries).  You will have a SBN account, so you will be able to sign up very quickly on any site across the network.  Our tech guy will be around when the site first launches to answer a lot of the questions.

Also, try and be around Saturday for the draft.  I plan on being online all day as I watch the draft, and hopefully a lot of you will as well so we can get some good discussion going.