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With the 54th pick in the SB Nation Mock Draft

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....we took Earl Bennett, WR, Vanderbilt.  I said it over there and I will say it again, Earl Bennett is my favorite receiver in this draft.  The kid just knows how to play football.  Being from Nashville, I get to a lot of Vandy games and watch a lot on TV.  You don't have to see Early play very much to know that he understands how to play football.

I understand that Bennett doesn't have the flasy numbers on paper, but he has a quality that will never come across unless you watch him play.  It was a bit of a tough choice between Earl, and gotitans27's boy James Hardy, but in the end I picked Earl because I know that he has no past issues, and he has a work ethic that would rub off on the rest of the club.  Let me know what you think..