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Steve McNair to Retire Today

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Steve McNair has told the Baltimore Ravens that he will announce his retirement today at 12 p.m. central press conference. It was tough for a lot of us as Titans fans to take when he signed with the Ravens, but he is still probably my favorite Titan of all time.

I will have a lot more on him in the next few days. For now leave your favorite Air McNair memory in the comments. I will start. I will never forget the 2002 game against the Giants when he led the Titans to a 4th quarter comeback after not practicing for the entire week. He is one of the toughest quarterbacks to ever play the game and a true gamer in every since of the word.

Update [2008-4-17 14:17:1 by Jimmy]: Here is a quote from his press conference:

McNair said he walked up to Newsome recently and said, "I'm not going to pull your leg. Mentally, I can play two or three more years. Physically, I just can't get it back. I don't have the physical tools it takes to play this game at a high level. My mind was telling me yes, and my body was telling me, 'No, what are doing?'"
I think that about sums up what we have known for a couple of years now.