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SB Nation Mock Draft

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Here is what has taken place in the 2nd round of the SB Nation Mock draft hosted at Mocking the Draft:

With the 32nd pick the Miami Dolphins selected Jeff Otah, offensive tackle, Pittsburgh.

With the 33rd pick the St. Louis Rams selected Devin Thomas, wide receiver, Michigan State.  Nice that he was finally taken.

With the 34th pick the Atlanta Falcons selected Joe Flacco, quarterback, Delaware.

With the 35th pick the Kansas City Chiefs selected Carl Nicks, offensive tackle, Nebraska.

With the 36th pick the New York Jets selected Justin King, cornerback, Penn State.

With the 37th pick the Atlanta Falcons selected Kentwan Balmer, defensive tackle, North Carolina.

With the 38th pick the Baltimore Ravens selected Brandon Flowers, cornerback, Virginia Tech.

With the 39th pick the San Francisco 49ers selected Quentin Groves, defensive end, Auburn.

With the 40th pick the New Orleans Saints selected Jerod Mayo, linebacker, Tennessee.

With the 41st pick the Buffalo Bills selected Martellus Bennett, tight end, Texas A&M.

With the 42nd pick the Denver Broncos selected Chris Johnson, running back, East Carolina.  Johnson was going to be very tempting if he was still sitting there when it was our turn again.

That is what has happened so far in the 2nd round.  It looks like our pick will be the first one that is posted on Sunday afternoon.  The player that I want, and will take no matter what anyone says, is still on the board.