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SB Nation Mock Update

I just realized that I haven't updated the SB Nation mock since my pick.  Here is what has happened since we picked at 24:

With the 25th pick the Seattle Seahawks selected Brain Brohm, quarterback, Louisville.  Interesting that the Seahawks get an A for drafting a player that they doesn't make them better while they are in their window..

With the 26th pick the Jacksonville Jaguars selected Trevor Laws, defensive tackle, Notre Dame.

With the 27th pick the San Diego Chargers selected Kenny Phillips, safety, Miami.

With the 28th pick the Dallas Cowboys selected Felix Jones, running back, Arkansas.

With the 29th pick the San Francisco 49ers selected Gosder Cherilus, offensive tackle, Boston College.

With the 30th pick the Green Bay Packers selected Sam Baker, offensive tackle, USC.

With the 31st pick the New York Giants selected Dan Connor, linebacker, Penn State.

That does it for the 1st round.  There have been some 2nd round picks made, and we will discuss those later today.  Think about this, Matt Miller thought the Titans should have taken Dan Connor, Jerod Mayo, Devin Thomas or Earl Bennett.  The 1st round is over and only one of those players are off the board.  I'm just saying..