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With the 9th pick in the MCM Draft

....the Cincinnati Bengals represented by Zackmann select....

Keith Rivers, linebacker, USC

I'm a big proponent of picking defense in the 1st round. And considering that Cincy has shown in the last few years they can score plenty of points, they need to focus on defense. They have needs at DE, DT, LB and S. Alright, they need better defense at every position. With the addition of the great Odom, I'll pass on DE's. With Ellis and Dorsey already picked, I'll pass on DT. That leaves LB and S. I feel that Rivers can start from Day 1 for the Bengals. Although the Bengals might have a bunch of LB's, they pretty much all stink. I'd also suggest the Bengals use the next few years worth of 1st round picks to continue shoring up a broken defense that has been hurt by poor personnel decisions that arose from not having a full time GM properly evaluating players.