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With the 3rd pick in the MCM Mock Draft

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the Atlanta Falcons represented by Kayne select....

Sedrick Ellis, defensive tackle, USC.

I wanted either Chris Long or Glenn Dorsey, but with them both being picked, I had to decide between a few guys. The Falcons need most help at four positions: OL, DT, QB, TE.

Ellis fills a need, but he also has the potential to be a very good DT in the NFL. Matt Ryan would seem the right pick in this situation as the Falcons definitely need a QB for the future...but I really don't feel that he is the franchise QB of the future. There is good depth for QB's in this draft, so I think the Falcons can draft a QB in the 2nd round (with one of their three picks in the 2nd round) that will not be much of a dropoff from Matt Ryan.

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