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Vince Young's Spring Break

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Vince Young, who is enrolled full time in classes at the University of Texas, took his spring break week to come to Nashville and visit with Titans' new offensive coordinator Mike Heimerdinger.

"It was a great meeting. We kidded around. He's cool,'' Young said of Heimerdinger. "I like the direction things are going with the offense, some of the things we're going to do.  With everything I learned from Norm, that should help me get things even quicker. It's going to be good.''
This was the first time that Young and Heimerdinger had met face to face.  They will have a lot of work to do over the next few months.  I haven't really commented on the whole Vince Young in school thing.  It is hard to say you don't like someone going back and finishing their education, but I would think that coming off the year he had in 2007 that Vince would want to do everything in his power to get better.  It also wouldn't have been as big of a deal if Norm Chow was still here, but Vince really needs to be around to work on getting comfortable with the new offense.  I am glad to see that he came up here this week when he had the chance.

Vince did say he is excited about the way this team is shaping up:

"I am excited about what he (Alge Crumpler) can bring, a Pro Bowler, a veteran. That's going to help the offense, give us another weapon,'' Young said. "And we got my guy Gage re-signed. I feel like we're going to do some more things to help the offense (in free agency and the draft), too.  I'm excited about things, the direction we're headed.''