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Chad Johnson Punched Marvin Lewis in 2006

Pro Football Talk reported in 2006 that Chad Johnson had taken a swing at Marvin Lewis at halftime of a playoff game.  The story was denied vehemently by everyone, including Johnson, who called a press conference to state his case.  Now more than 2 years later Shaun Smith, who was a defensive tackle with the Bengals at the time, is saying Johnson did hit Lewis:

"He swung on Marvin. . . .  [Johnson] shattered the training room glass. . . .  He swung on Marving [and] hit Marvin in the eye. . . .  Then he tried to swing on wide receivers coach Hue Jackson, who's now in Baltimore."
There was a YouTube video of Smith saying that, but it has since been taken down.

This can end any talk of the Titans making a move for Johnson.