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Freak In: Tennessee Titans Sign Jevon Kearse

As Vincanity mentioned, the Titans have agreed to a multi-year deal with The Freak Jevon Kearse.  I know he is not the same player that we saw here to start his career, but this signing has me giddy.  His upside is ridiculous, and there is no doubt he can at least replace the production of Antwan Odom.

Here is what Mike Reinfeldt had to say about the signing:

"Jevon is a piece of the puzzle in trying to fill the defensive end need that we have," said Titans General Manager Mike Reinfeldt. "Our expectation for him is to rush the passer in a limited number of snaps. He has always been a dynamic edge rusher and we want to put him in those situations."
They seem to have very real expectations of what Kearse will be able to do.  His job is going to be to pin his ears back and go after the quarterback, and he will excel in that roll.  The Titans still need to add another guy to rotate with Kearse, but this signing makes the offseason good again.