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Freak Out: Jevon Kearse to Visit the Tennesee Titans

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As theologic mentioned, Jevon Kearse will be in Nashville today for a visit.  My logical side is telling me not to get excited about this because it is likely that Kearse doesn't have much left in the tank, but I can't help but get excited about it because I remember how good he was when he was here.  I have no doubt he can replace Antwan Odom's numbers if he is signed.

Albert Haynesworth is not very happy with the Titans offseason so far:

"It's like a repeat of last year,'' Haynesworth said Tuesday. "We need more weapons for Vince (Young). Now we need more defensive linemen. We are not doing anything. We are really just making ourselves worse the way I look at it. ... It doesn't look like we're trying to get better.''
I would tell Albert the same thing I have said here, just wait and see how it all plays out.  There are still some moves the Titans can make to improve this team.

The Titans had notified D.J. Hackett's agent last week that he would hear from them this week, but as of last night they had not called him back.  It seems pretty obvious that the Titans aren't that interested in him.

Andre Woolfolk signed a deal with the New York Jets.  Woolfolk was a bust here, but maybe a change of scenery will benefit him.

Speaking of changes of scenery, Ben Troupe has been talking with a few teams.  Troupe sill has a huge upside, and I have no doubt that he can be a really good player wherever he ends up, but it is time for him to move on from the Titans.

In another change of scenery, Jacob Bell got a 6 year $39 million deal with $7 million guaranteed from the St. Louis Rams.  That is a lot of money for a guard.