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Antwan Odom Signs with the Cincinnati Bengals

As gramsey mentioned, Antwan Odom has agreed to terms with the Cincinnati Bengals according to his agent.  The deal is reported to be 5 years $29.5 million with $11.5 guaranteed.

This is what most of us thought would happen.  Odom would get out there and someone would throw a bunch of money at him.  I wouldn't be that concerned about the loss of Odom if it wasn't for the fact that rumors are swirling that Travis LaBoy will sign elsewhere as well.  While it would hurt the Titans to lose both guys, I seriously hope they don't panic and overpay LaBoy.  Losing both guys would be tough, but they have chosen to put a value on guys and not pay more than that.  They should stick to their guns when it comes to LaBoy.  If he wants more than they think he is worth let him walk.  They can find a guy to take his place in the draft that doesn't have the concussion history of LaBoy and is a lot cheaper.