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That's It for Pacman Talk

Last season we spent countless hours debating #32.  I eventually said I wasn't going to mention him again until he got reinstated, but for some reason I got sucked back in.  I am done.  I will have a post once he gets traded or whatever, but until then I will not mention him again.

For those of you who want to debate that kind of stuff, have it, but I am done.There isn't whole lot of Titans news coming out these days.  I am actually in Michigan right now for a funeral, so the posting will be light until Saturday or Sunday.  For now we can talk about the SB Nation mock draft.  Here is my thinking with pick #24; The Titans still need a big play receiver.  I could draft the best receiver on the board, but I don't think that is what the Titans are going to do.  So should I take the best available receiver, or should I draft the best available player, regardless of position, because that is what I think the Titans will do.  This is my chance to play GM so I don't have to do what I think the Titans will do, but I want to try and be realistic.  

Thoughts on startegy in the comments, please.