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The 2008 Season Starts Today

OK, not really, but the Titans are beginning their offseason program today.  Attendance is voluntary, *wink wink*, but it is expected that most players will be in attendance.  

"We haven't had difficulty with attendance over the years,'' (Jeff) Fisher said "By and large, (strength coach) Steve (Waterson) makes it fun, so they enjoy coming in and working out.''
Two notable players who will not be in attendance today are Vince Young and Michael Griffin who are both enrolled in classes at the University of Texas.

There is no new news on the #32 trade talks.  There has been a lot of debate about all that here, but in my mind, the bottom line is that he doesn't want to be here.  Just take a minute and think about how bad he was in the locker room before, and then try and imagine what he would be like now.  The only logical conclusion is for him to be traded.

Also, we will be starting our 2nd annual SB Nation mock draft next week.  The draft will be hosted at Mocking The Draft.  I will be updating the picks here as they go along, as well as asking for input on the Titans pick.