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Alge Crumpler to Sign with the Tennessee Titans?

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There have been conflicting reports tonight about the Tennessee Titans signing free agent tight end Alge Crumpler.  The NFL Network and ESPN News were reporting the deal was done, but the Sporting News says Crumpler's agent in denying the report (hat tip theologic).  Jim Wyatt says that Crumpler will become a Titan tomorrow afternoon barring any last minute complications.

Having networks like ESPN and NFL Network are a great thing because of all the information they put out there, but it is times like these that they frustrate me to no end.  They are both in such a hurry to have "broken the story" that they don't take the time to check their facts.  They never get taken to task about these little slip ups because they are who they are.  You notice the caution in Jim Wyatt's article linked above because he will get ripped to no end if he is wrong.  The guys at ESPN and the NFL Network don't have to worry about that stuff.

Bottom line is that it seems the Titans and Crumpler are close, but neither side is confiriming that a deal is done just yet.  I am sure we will learn a lot more about this as they day goes along tomorrow.