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NFL Free Agency Day 3

The third day of NFL free agency is almost over.  The good news for the Titans is that neither Antwan Odom or Travis LaBoy have been signed by anyone yet.  That could mean the market isn't as attractive for them as they thought, and at least one of them could end up back with the Titans next season.  

The Titans haven't made any moves yet, but I am not really surprised.  Mike Reinfeldt seems content to sit around and see what falls into his lap.  That is probably the best strategy because we have seen that the most successful teams are built through the draft.  I fall into the trap of getting overly excited about a player and thinking the Titans should overspend to get him.  That is probably why I am not a general manager.

The one interesting note from today is that the Falcons added Michael Turner.  This means that Warrick Dunn will probably be available at some point before the season begins.  His name has been tossed around here, and I agree he would be a good fit for the Titans.  I know one thing, he's never doing Cat Fancy again.