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Kalimba Edwards and Chris Crocker Visit Tennessee Titans

As jmac mentioned, and BBB was all over us Nashvillians for not mentioning (I guess we are supposed to be monitoring the flight manifests in and out of BNA), former Lions defensive end Kalimba Edwards was in town yesterday to visit with the Titans.  Edwards was a 2nd round draft pick out of South Carolina and has 26 sacks in his 6 NFL seasons.  It seems that he would be the perfect compliment to Jevon Kearse.  A defensive line with KVB, Fat Albert, Tony Brown/someone from the draft, and Kearse/Edwards would be better than last year's line.

The other visitor the Titans had yesterday was former Falcons' safety Chris Crocker.  Crocker was a 3rd round draft pick out of Marshall in 2003.  If the Titans were to add him it would seem to be just a depth/special teams move.

Also, thanks to everyone who has been posting diaries to keep the discussion going. It is always exciting to log on and see a couple of new diaries with interesting things to talk about.