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Tennessee Titans Sign Jake Scott

As Vincanity mentioned, the Titans have agreed to terms with former Colts guard Jake Scott.  Scott started 55 straight games for the Colts.  Jim Wyatt is reporting his deal is worth around $5 million per year.

The Titans are sticking to the plan of adding value.  I love this signing because it means they will have at least 1 veteran starting at guard.  A line of Roos, Scott, Mawae, Amano and Stewart is pretty dang good.  Now the Titans should be able to focus on locking up Stewart and Roos.

If you have seen the movie 8 Mile, you know that in Eminem's last battle he disarms his opponent by making fun of himself so that guy has no material left.  So Big Blue Shoe, yes the Titans added another Colt to their team, and yes that makes a bunch of guys that the Colts "didn't want" on the Titans.  You can call the Titans the "South Colts" or something like that.