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Titans Hold Talks with Justin Gage

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Paul Kuharsky reports this morning that the Titans have entered preliminary contract talks with Justin Gage's people.  The Titans paid Gage a total of $1 million last season ($400,000 signing bonus + $600,000 salary).  That was coming off a 4 catch season with the Chicago Bears in 2006.  He tied Roydell Williams for the team lead in receptions (55) in last season so his price is going to go up.

The Titans should do everything they can to get him locked up before he hits the open market.  I think Gage has more potential than Drew Bennett, and I don't want the Titans to have to give him Bennett type money.  He is still young at 27 and is just now coming into his own.  Hopefully they can come together on a 3-4 year deal sometime this week.