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A Few Random Thoughts from Giants @ Patriots Super Bowl XLII

  • Eli Manning has earned himself at least a month of no one writing anything negative about him in New York
  • The Patriots success got in their way last night.  The were to cocky to change their protection schemes to better protect Tom Brady.
  • It was really funny watching Brady get knocked on his butt over and over.
  • The play where Manning spun out of a sack and threw the ball down field to David Tyree who pinned the ball against his helmet is one of the top 5 plays in Super Bowl history.
  • I thought I didn't really care who won the game, but I found myself cheering as hard for the Giants as I do the Titans on most Sundays.
  • Was Peyton Manning at the game?  
  • On the Patriots last 3rd down play Randy Moss got behind the defense.  Luckily the ball was in the air long enough for the defenders to catch up.  That was a scary moment.
  • Bill Belichick proved again what a classless jerk he is last night when he ran off the field before the final kneel down.
  • Defense wins championships.

I would love to hear any thoughts from any of you..