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A Closer Look at Malcolm Kelly

Thanks to Matt Hofeld from Crimson and Cream Machine, our SB Nation Oklahoma Blog, for this look at Malcolm Kelly.

Malcolm Kelly was one of those three year players. In other words you knew coming in that he'd only be on campus for three years. At 6' 4", 219 lbs he has the size to be a go to receiver in the NFL. He possesses very good speed but his greatest attribute is the fact that he's got great hands. All three years at OU he would make at least one catch per season that would just leave us in awe. Spectacular became the norm for him.

Unfortunately for Kelly he played his freshman and sophomore seasons during the Adrian Peterson era where Oklahoma was a run first team and by the time his junior year rolled around (2007) he was a marked man facing double and sometimes triple teams every Saturday. His best year as a sooner was 2006 where as a sophomore he caught 62 passes for 993 yards and 10 touchdowns.  

I'm not sure that we saw Kelly's full potential at Oklahoma. This is a program that put Mark Bradley (Chicago), Mark Clayton (Baltimore), and Brandon Jones (Tennessee) into the NFL in recent years and I think Kelly has the potential to be better than all of them.

The only question about Kelly is toughness. He missed the last two bowl games due to injury and needless to say Oklahoma definitely missed him. Rumors were that Kelly could have played this year in the Fiesta Bowl but chose not to in order guarantee his health for NFL workouts. Regardless, Malcolm Kelly is a phenomenal athlete and will make someone's draft a success.