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Alge Crumpler Passes the Titans Physical

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Jim Wyatt is reporting that former Falcons tight end Alge Crumpler passed the physical the Titans gave him.  The article also says that the Titans have entered contract talks with Crumpler's agent.  

"He and his wife came in and we've had some discussions with the agent and he was impressed and we were impressed with him,'' Reinfeldt said Thursday.

"I think it is premature to tell if a deal will be worked out, Reinfeldt said, "but I think the fit was good with us and him so we'll see.''

I am starting to get optimistic that the Titans are going to get this done.  Just adding Crumpler to the offense makes the Titans so much better than they were last season.  Think about how good Ben Troupe was when Mike Heimerdinger was here before.  Ben Troupe is no Alge Crumpler.