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Tennessee Titans Linkage

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The Titans have granted Pacman Jones permission to seek a trade.  One problem with that, his trade value is exactly zero because, as of right now, he's not even eligible to play in the NFL.

The Titans have officially released David Givens.  His agent wasn't happy about the news:

"David was trying like crazy to (rehab) and get better, but at some point I guess the team had to see progress,'' agent Brad Blank said. "The timing is weird, though, because he has a doctor's appointment Monday that could be very good, but they couldn't wait for that because of the deadline.

"David wanted to be a star there, he really wanted to earn every penny and be good for that franchise and help that team. He's sorry he's not going to be a part of that.''

This stuff happens when you are due a big roster bonus.  Givens appeared to be working his butt off to get back, so I hope it works out for him somewhere else.

Alge Crumpler was in Nashville for a visit and physical yesterday.  The Titans are in the mix for him, but it is too early to see who is the front runner at this point.

Things aren't looking so good on the Antwan Odom front.  Here is what his agent told Jim Wyatt yesterday:

We have some parameters, but is it enough to get a deal done right now? Heck no.''
He did follow that up by saying that things usually heat up right at the deadline.

The Titans gave a one year tender offer to fan favorite Reynaldo Hill for $927,000 yesterday.  He was a restricted free agent.  He is a good player to have on the roster, but I don't want to see him playing corner.