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Tennessee Titans Sign Justin Gage

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The Tennessean is reporting that the Titans have agreed to a multiyear deal with wide receiver Justin Gage.  The terms were not released.  Here is what Mike Reinfeldt had to say about the signing:

"Justin is a player who made the most of an opportunity and we expect him to be a significant contributor to our offensive success," Titans General Manager Mike Reinfeldt said.

"He can play outside or inside, has the ability to make tough catches and should continue to grow as a receiver as he and Vince play together more."

I am glad the Titans front office reads my blog and responded to my demands for them to resign Gage.  It is a good start.

Update [2008-2-27 20:15:57 by Jimmy]: The Tennessean is now reporting that the deal is 4 years $14 million with $6.5 million guaranteed. I think that is a good deal for both sides.