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What Will the Tennessee Titans Do in Free Agency?

The Tennesse Titans have a boatload of cap money for 2008.  What will they do with it?  I don't know about you, but I am starting to get a little nervous.  They had at least 3 guys in Albert Haynesworth, Justin Gage and Antwan Odom that most fans would like to see back for next season, who were set to hit the free agent market.  So far one of those guys is locked up for next season, Haynesworth, and he was franchised.  There doesn't appear to have been a lot of talks between the Titans and the other two guys.

Last year they took a strong "We aren't going to overpay" stance.  I agree with that in some cases.  It would be a dumb idea to make Jacob Bell your highest paid offensive lineman.  He is going to get silly money elsewhere, and because of his position and the ability of Mike Munchak to develop guys (see Jacob Bell), it would be stupid to "overpay" for him.  

The Titans are going to have to throw some money at either Odom or Travis LaBoy.  Either guy they keep, and I think it should be Odom, is going to get more money than they should, but that is the NFL today.  It isn't really overpaying if that is what the market demands.  They absolutely cannot afford to lose both of those guys.  There aren't enough good defensive lineman in the draft to fill that hole unless they are planning on playing a 2-5 defense next season.

They cannot afford to lose Gage either.  The Titans receiving core was terrible last season.  Gage was one of the bright spots.  If you lose him you are left with a bunch of guys who have proven nothing but that they cannot consistently produce.  They should get him locked up before he hits the open market, or I don't think he will be back next season.

This team is a good receiver, a good defensive lineman and a situational running back away from being a very good team.  If they lose Odom, Laboy and Gage they will be 2 good receivers, 2 good receivers and a situational running back away from being a good team.  They cannot fill all those holes in the draft.  It is time to step up to the plate and spend some of that money.

Oh, and signing Alge Crumpler is a must.