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2008 NFL Combine Open Thread: Fred Davis

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Paul Kuharsky has an article up about USC tight end Fred Davis.  Here is what one of the Titans' scouts had to say about Davis:

"He's a pretty good athlete, a good receiver, good hands, he's a pretty good football player," Brocato said. "He's got what it takes to be a two-way guy. He's better suited to be an H-back type -- in motion, flex him. He's not fast but he's not slow either. He can get open and make some nice catches. He was their go-to guy.

"I think he's fit in pretty good with us. I don't see any reason why he shouldn't."

Davis was a big play guy last season averaging more than 14 yards per catch.  He was the first tight end to lead the Trojans in receptions since 1985.  He seems to be the right fit for the Titans offense.  They use a lot of H-back stuff, and Davis has the ability to stretch the field which is something the Titans desperately need, and it is typically easier for a tight end to come in and make an immediate impact than a wide receiver.

Here is the question: Let's assume that Alge Crumpler is healthy.  Who would you rather have Davis or Crumpler?