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Tennessee Titans Interested in Alge Crumpler

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Jim Wyatt reports that the Titans have spoken to Alge Crumpler's agent, and plan to meet with him at the combine this week.  The article also says that there are 10 other teams who have expressed interest in the tight end.  Crumpler's agent, James Williams, says Tennesse is a definite possibility:

"I have heard from the Titans, and Tennessee is very attractive to him," Williams said. "It is a well run organization, and Alge could come in and help them get to the next level if the situation is right.''
We should learn more about this later in the week.  It is really good news that they plan on talking at the combine.  The Titans have a ton of cap space, so if they are really serious about Crumpler they should be able to sign him.