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Report: Sherman Smith to Become Redskins Offensive Coordinator

The Washington Post is reporting that Titans' running backs coach Sherman Smith is expected to inform Jeff Fisher today that he will accept the offensive coordinator position with the Washington Redskins.  Smith has been a member of Fisher's staff since 1995.

This is no real surprise.  Jim Zorn, the Redskins new head coach, and Smith were teammates in Seattle from 1976-1982.  It is a great opportunity for Smith, 53, who seems to be a stand up guy.  He hasn't formally announced he is taking the Redskins' job because he promised Fisher he would talk to him first:

"I go back a long way with Z-man, so he knows how I am," Smith said. "I gave [Fisher] my word. I promised him we would speak before I made my final decision, and that's what I'm going to do. After 13 years, I owe him that much. Also, I don't want to be someone who makes a decision and then vacillates. When I make a decision, I want my head and heart to be in the same place. I'm really close. I'm getting there."
Congratulations to Smith on this opportunity.  Eddie George running backs coach anyone?