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I Am Mike Reinfeldt

On Friday I posted an open thread asking people what they would do if they were Mike Reinfeldt.  Here is my plan:

1. Get Fat Albert Back

The Titans have got to have Haynesworth on the field in 2008.  Ideally you can work out a long term deal, but if not you slap the franchise tag on him but make sure he knows you are committed to him long term.

2.  Get A Big Time Receiver

Drafting a guy at #24 is not good enough.  There are a lot of guys out there that are rumored to be available (Roy Williams, Larry Fitzgerald, Chad Johnson, ect.).  I would be willing to give up 3 picks over the next 2 drafts to get any of those guys.  Kuharsky talks about Stallworth in his article.  He is a nice player, but he is not enough by himself, and I don't think he is necessary if you get another big name.  Plus Stallworth has a bad injury history (as does DJ Hackett the other guy that some people are talking about)  

3.  Lock Up The Tackles

Some of you make think this is too high on the list, but there is no position more important to an offense than tackle.  The Titans have a lot of cap money and two tackles that will be stars in this league.  Don't let them get away.

4. Resign Justin Gage

He has the potential to be a solid #2 if playing opposite a superstar, and he should be relatively cheap.  Lock him up before March 1st.

5. Get Smart Help at Running Back

The Titans don't need to spend big money here or trade any draft picks.  They should target a guy late in the draft that is purely a speed back.  A guy like the Chargers' Darrren Sproles would be perfect for this role.  The Chargers got Sproles in the 4th round.

6.  Put a Number on Odom and LaBoy

Give them an offer that is reasonable.  If they don't take it, let them walk.  They are both solid players when teamed up, but neither is worth much by themselves.  Don't overspend for these 2.

7.  Fill Gaps with Free Agents

If LaBoy and Odom are both gone the Titans will need to sign a defensive end.  Find a guy that isn't ridiculously expensive that fits your system and bring him in.  The same can be said for defensive tackle.

8. Draft Playmakers in the Draft

Don't just draft for need. Take the best available player. If a playmaking tight end is available at #24, assuming that pick isn't traded for a receiver, take him.  If it is a playmaking defensive end or defensive tackle or defensive end, take him.

The plan is pretty obvious.  There isn't much variety in what I have said, what Kuharsky said, or any of you have said.  We all know this team pretty much inside and out, but in my mind, this is what it will take to make this team successful for years to come.