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Your 2008 AFC South Division Champion Tennessee Titans

Goal #1 accomplished.  With the 28-9 win over the Cleveland Browns today, the Titans are your 2008 AFC South Division Champions.  

The game today was painfully boring at times, but getting the win was all that matters.  The Titans racked up 235 yards on the ground and would have had both Smash and Dash over 100 yards if it weren't for a -1 run from LenDale at the end.  

The defense was really good again only allowing the Browns to gain 35 yards on the ground and 178 yards of total offense.

It is good to be the champs again, and it is even better to not have to listen to Colts fans talk about how many times in a row they have won the AFC South.  Enjoy the win, and cheer for the 49ers and Cowboys.  A 49ers win over the Jets clinches a first round bye.

August will have links in the morning, and I will have a full recap around lunch time.