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Cleveland Browns @ Tennessee Titans: My Thoughts

This is yet another game that presents a lot of favorable match-ups for the Titans. The Browns have a bad run defense, and the Titans need to continue to get back to the smash mouth style of offense that they need to play if they are going to make a deep run in the playoffs.  Look for Crazy Legs to run the speed game early, and The Round Mound to hit them in the mouth in the 2nd and 4th quarters.

The Browns aren't good against the pass on defense either.  The Titans will pass just enough to keep them honest, but I don't see them throwing the ball a whole lot.   

The Browns offense has been bad all year and now Ken Dorsey is their starting quarterback.  The Titans will get after Dorsey early and often to make sure he has no chance to get into any type or rhythm.  Dorsey will throw at least 2 picks in this game.

The other key for the defense will be stopping Jamal Lewis.  Lewis is one of my archenemies having played for my least favorite college team (Tennessee), and one of my least favorite NFL teams (Ravens).  Lewis hasn't had nearly the success he had this season, and if the Titans can hit him in the mouth a couple of times early he will be a non-factor.

The scariest part of this football team is running back/wide receiver/quarterback Joshua Cribbs.  He is explosive returning kicks and runs lines up at quarterback in their Wild Brown formation.  The Titans have done a good job against some really good return men this season, and I don't expect that to change Sunday.

This is another game where the Titans will roll as long as they take care of the football.

Prediction: Titans 34 Browns 6

Let me know your thoughts below..