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Cleveland Browns @ Tennessee Titans Statistical Preview

Browns Stat Titans
105.5 (23rd) Rush  Offense 138.7 (6th)
169.8 (29th) Pass Offense 186.3 (24th)
275.3 (27th) Total Offense 325.0 (18th)
17.8 (27th) Scoring Offense 25.3 (7th)
-7.7% (25th) Offense DVOA 9.5% (14th)
141.3 (26th) Rush Defense 97.2 (12th)
215.5 (17th) Pass Defense 184.6 (4th)
356.8 (26th) Total Defense 281.8 (5th)
20.6 (9th) Scoring Defense 14.6 (2nd)
+6  (5th) Turnover Ratio +13 (1st)
7.8% (18th) Defense DVOA -19%  (4th)
-6.9% (23rd) Weighted DVOA 31.6% (2nd)

The Browns are an interesting case.  They give up a ton of yards but are still top 10 in points allowed.  They are also very good in turnover ratio, but they are 4-8.

The Titans should be able to run the ball without much problem in this game.  Combine that with the fact that Ken Dorsey is playing quarterback for the Browns, and this game should be over by halftime.