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Titans 47 Lions 10 Open Game Thread Roll Call

It was a slow day in the open game thread because of Thanksgiving.  I am sure things will be back to normal on Sunday when the Browns come to LP Field.

I say it every week, if you haven't ever joined us in the game thread you should.  Good times are had by all.

Stats after the jump.

Roll Call: TitanBlue, GingerSnapsTN, raven, Oden1, DannoE, Jimmy, LastSd, b3tts32, thawardasa, jasonkylebates, theologic, Rustmeister, zackmann, hal41605, phildar, jsams, skywalker, shake n bake, dentureboy, numbertenox, buddyallen, FaninEcuador, gzablue, coler0kw, 2tonedBLUE, RhiNo6705, gotitans27

Total Users: 27
Total Posts: 196
Total Threads: 1

Name # of Posts
LastSd 40
theologic 33
zackmann 25
DannoE 24
GingerSnapsTN 18
gzablue 9
phildar 8
Oden1 5
thawardasa 4
skywalker 4
jsams 3
raven 3
dentureboy 2
coler0kw 2
jasonkylebates 2
2tonedBLUE 2
Jimmy 2
gotitans27 1
FaninEcuador 1
RhiNo6705 1
hal41605 1
Rustmeister 1
b3tts32 1
TitanBlue 1
shake n bake 1
numbertenox 1
buddyallen 1