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Pittsburgh Steelers @ Tennessee Titans Preview: The Stats

Steelers Stat Titans
102.9 (23rd) Rush  Offense 142.8 (5th)
200.5 (17th) Pass Offense


303.4 (24th) Total Offense 326.5 (19th)
21.6(21st) Scoring Offense 24.6 (10th)
-0.6% (21st) Offense DVOA 8.8% (14th)
75.8  (2nd) Rush Defense 93.4 (9th)
163.3  (1st) Pass Defense 187.6  (5th)
239.1 (1st) Total Defense 281  (4th)
13.7  (1st) Scoring Defense 14.1  (2nd)
+7   (8th) Turnover Ratio +10  (2nd)
-26% (2nd) Defense DVOA -19%  (5th)
24.1% (6th) Weighted DVOA 29.6% (3rd)


The Steelers are good on defense. 

Now back to your regularly scheduled programming.

If this game was played inside Football Outsider's module the Titans would win, but games aren't played in modules they are played inside TV sets.

In all seriousness, I would feel really good about the Titans in this game at 100%, but it is going to be a tough game missing the 2 defensive studs up front.  The Titans can win, and I picked them in this week's picks, but they are going to have to bring their A+ game.