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Tennessee Titans @ Houston Texans Statistical Preview

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Titans Stat Texans
146.1 (3rd) Rush  Offense 117.1 (11th)
183.9 (24th) Pass Offense


330 (17th) Total Offense 381.5 (3rd)
25.5  (7th) Scoring Offense 23.5 (15th)
9.7% (14th) Offense DVOA 9.9% (13th)
92.4 (7th) Rush Defense 127.2 (24th)
181.4 (3rd) Pass Defense 214.9 (18th)
273.8 (3rd) Total Defense 342.2 (20th)
14.2 (2nd) Scoring Defense 25.5  (26th)
+11  (2nd) Turnover Ratio -11 (29th)
-20% (3rd) Defense DVOA 19%  (29th)
33.1% (4th) Weighted DVOA -3.6% (19th)

This is a sad week because it is the first time in a good while that the Titans have not been #1 in turnover ratio.

This is a good match-up for the Titans because the Texans are good on offense and bad on defense.  We will see how it plays out.