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Titans @ Texans: 5 Questions with John McClain

The Houston Chronicle's John McClain was nice enough to answer some questions about the Houston Texans for us.  He is very high on Amobi Okoye.

1.  Are you surprised at how good Steve Slaton has been?  Did the Texans have any idea he would be this productive this season?

The Texans drafted Slaton to be a third-down back, but because Ahman Green was injured most of the season again and was eventually placed on injured reseve, Slaton had to step up. In the zone, one-step scheme that assistant head coach Alex Gibbs installed in his first season with the Texans, Slaton just looked like a natural. The key was not fumbling and blitz pickup. He weighs 203. He's tough on blitz pick up. He didn't fumble until Sunday's game at Green Bay.
2.  It seems that every year the Texans are right on the cusp of becoming a very good NFL team.  What is holding them back?  Will they be in the playoff hunt next season?
They were the first team since the merger in 1970 to start against four consecutive playoff teams. They played their first three on the road at Pittsburgh, Tennessee and Jacksonville. They lost to the Jaguars in overtime. They need to add at least three good players to the defense, and they have to reduce their turnovers to become a legit playoff contender.
3.  How has Amobi Okoye played this season?
Who? Never heard of him!
4.  Who is the best player on the Texans that we as Titans' fans know nothing about?
DE Tim Bulman. He's second to Mario Williams with four sacks. He's bounced off and on the practice squad. He was undrafted out of Boston College. He's a poor man's Kyle Vanden Bosch -- an all-out player on every play. He comes off the bench in passing situations.
5.  What is your prediction for how the game goes Sunday?
Titans 23-19