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Tennessee Titans 21 Chicago Bears 14: Quick Recap

It seems that every week the Titans answer some questions the doubters have about them.  This week they proved they can win when they cannot run the ball. The Bears defense held the Titans to just 20 yards rushing.  They were in the red in rushing yards in the first half.

Kerry Collins won this game with his arm.  Coming off a terrible effort last week, he was 30 of 42 for 289 yards and 2 touchdowns.  Brandon Jones came up big again with 8 catches for 82 yards.  It is time for him to crack the starting lineup.  Justin Gage continued his dropsies early but came back to make some big plays late in the game.

9-0 is pretty unbelievable.  I am pretty sure you could have won a lot of money if you would have bet on that before the season started.  Now we cheer for the Steelers to knock off the Colts and increase the division lead to 5 games.