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Week 10 NFL Power Rankings: Getting Ready for Sexy Rexy Edition

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From Big W:

Well it was a nail biter but our guys made it to an 8-0 record. Reflecting back at the midway point I have to say this season is probably more fun than any other I can remember. Also, a quick comment on the Big Al SI cover. Did you guys happen to notice his jersey? The Titans haven't worn that jersey since the Super Bowl. A taste of things to come????

Rankings after the jump.


Big words from Vic Carucci. Let's not go jinxing this thing just yet k?

"Finding a way to win the close ones is mark of a champion -- and of a team capable of giving the NFL another perfect regular season."


Paul nails it with this comment. I was never in doubt we would win that game and the team seemed to feel the same way.

"Outplayed for a good while by Green Bay, the Titans didn't flinch and found a way to win, making it to the halfway point of the season undefeated."


Look quick before Adrian Hasenmeyer changes his mind again. He's worse than my wife. Last week the only team we had to fear was ourselves. This week it's the Steelers and Colts? Can someone smack him for me please?

"Halfway to an unbeaten season, the Titans face long odds in duplicating their first-half results with five of their final eight games on the road -- including finishing the season against the Steelers and Colts. But regardless of venue, they will follow Jeff Fisher's blueprint like they did against Green Bay: No turnovers, short passes mixed with plenty of running and win games at the end." 


Pete Prisco tells a story about Fisher that he's already told once this season but oh well.......

"They're halfway home to a perfect season. The key has been the defense. It just might take them to the Super Bowl."


I love it when we win to remain undefeated and still drop a place in the power rankings.....

"No turnovers again for the Titans as they continue to find ways to win. They're allowing just nine points per game on the road this year."

Sports Illustrated


Ok so last week Dr.Z puts us at #2 because we're getting too much press. This week apparently the NYG got more press so he moves us back to #1. This shows just how moronic these writers are. I'm going to urge my 3yr old daughter into sports writing. It's the one profession where you can be a complete idiot and people will hang off your every word. Wait not that's politics.... Either way.

"There seems to be a bit of controversy up here at the top. The Titans have the only perfect record, but they're not an attractive team. The Giants, on the other hand, are media darlings here in New York. Which is part of the reason I favor Tennessee. Also their kicker, Rob Bironas, who blew one against the Pack but then came back to win the game in OT. "A kicker has to forget it right away,"said Craig Hentrich, the punter. "Forget what?" I asked Bironas. "I don't know," he said. "I forgot."


Still have us at #1. Gotta love it........

Last week: The Titans avoided a letdown after their big Monday night win over the Colts, surviving a close call against the visiting Packers with a 19-16 win in OT.  

Cold, Hard Football Facts: Since the start of the 2007 season, kicker Rob Bironas has missed just six field goal attempts. He missed that same number in each of the previous two seasons.  

Week 10 matchup: at Chicago. Running backs Chris Johnson and LenDale White, who have combined for 1,119 yards and 15 TDs, face a Bears defense that ranks fifth against the run (81.8 YPG).