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Albert Haynesworth on the Cover of This Week's Sports Illustrated

Thanks a lot to Sports Illustrated for hanging the first loss of the season on our Tennessee Titans this weekend after putting Albert Haynesworth on the cover.  (I am a Cubs fan so I obviously believe in all curses.)

Seriously though, it is pretty cool to have a Titans' player on the cover of SI.  Haynesworth is the 4th Titan player by my count to be featured on the cover (the other 3 being Jevon Kearse in 1999, Eddie George in 2001 and Vince Young in 2006).

Also in the issue SI has changed their Super Bowl picks to Titans vs. the Giants.  They have the Titans beating the Chargers in the Divisional Round and the Steelers in the AFC Championship Game.  They have the Giants defeating the Titans 16-13.