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Tennessee Titans @ Detroit Lions Statistical Preview

Titans Stat Lions
124.7 (9th) Rush  Offense 83.4 (29th)
188.4 (24th) Pass Offense 187.2 (25th)
313.1 (23rd) Total Offense 270.5 (28th)
23.4 (15th) Scoring Offense 17.5 (29th)
9.2% (12th) Offense DVOA -17% (30th)
103.8 (15th) Rush Defense 166.7 (32nd)
189.5 (7th) Pass Defense 222.0 (19th)
293.4 (7th) Total Defense 388.7 (31st)
15.0 (2nd) Scoring Defense 31.5 (32nd)
+11 (1st) Turnover Ratio -7 (27th)
-17% (4th) Defense DVOA 31.4%  (32nd)
24.7% (3rd) Weighted DVOA -46% (31st)

It is formula day here at MCM:

First loss of the season last week+the league's worst run defense=return to Jeff Fisher smash mouth football

Prediction from Jimmy: LenDale White will not be complaining about his role in the offense after this game.