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New York Jets 34 Tennessee Titans 13: The Recap

This is going to be short and not so sweet.  That was just an all around terrible effort.  There is plenty of blame to go around, but you can see the reasons for the loss in the numbers:

  1. 60% (6 of 10)- of the Titans offensive drives 4 plays or less
  2. 19:30- Titans time of possession
  3. 11- number of runs the Titans attempted
  4. 192- the number of yards the Jets rushed for

A Jeff Fisher team isn't going to win very many games with those numbers.  The offense just never got into a rhythm yesterday.  There are a whole host of things you can blame.  The Titans' receivers started dropping passes again.  Chris Johnson fumbled for the first time this season.  The defense couldn't stop the short passing game, and the list goes on and on..

The Jets came in with a perfect game plan to take advantage of the Titans' defense.  Rushing the passer is what this defense is built on.  Brett Favre didn't give them that chance yesterday by getting rid of the ball in under 2 seconds on a lot of plays.  Add that to the fact that the Titans had their #4 corner playing, and you can see why the passing game came easily for most of the game.

Speaking of Chris Carr, he didn't play that badly.  He did have 2 huge pass interference penalties called on him late in the game.  I know a lot of people were upset about the calls, but he made contact with the receiver early in both instances.  Do you get away with that stuff a lot of times?  Sure.  Did Laveranues Coles push off on the second one?  Absollutely, but those are the breaks sometimes.  The Titans have gotten their fair share of favorable calls and breaks this season, and those things almost always even out over the course of a 16 game schedule.

The Titans have got to get back to the smash mouth football team that they are built to be.  They won a few games throwing the ball, but we all know that passing is not what is going to win this team a Super Bowl.  I really wish LenDale White hadn't of said what he did because there is no room for that selfish attitude on a winning team, but they do need to get him more involved in the offense. 

That is all I have to say about the game.  At the end of the day it only counts as 1 loss, and any of us would have taken 10-1 to the bank if it was offered to us before the first Jacksonville game kicked off.  The Titans now have 3 very winnable games in a row.  Take care of business in those games and they will be 13-1 heading into the 2 tough games to end the season. 

You hear the coaches and players talk all the time about the 24 hour rule.  If anyone can get them re-focused it is Jeff Fisher.  This loss is the worst thing that could have happened for the Detroit Lions.  I look forward to a Thanksgiving Massacre in Detroit.

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