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Jets @ Titans Quick Recap: Don't Take the Bait

The Titans finally laid an egg.  I have been saying all along that they wouldn't go undefeated and today was the day where everything went the other way.  

Get ready.  This is going to be the week where everyone with any kind of way of getting words in front of people is going to say that the Titans are phony (as was said in the game thread).  Through 11 weeks the Titans were the only team in the NFL that hadn't had a bad game.  They did today.  That is all there is to it.

The Titans still have a 2 game lead on everyone in the AFC except the Jets, and a 3 game lead at this writing on the entire AFC South.  All of us would have given an arm for a 10-1 start before the season started, so when the trolls like BBS try to come here this week and start crap, just use your best southern charm to remind them that the Titans still own the best record in the AFC at 10-1.  We have maintained a high standard on this site of intelligent conversation without a lot of flame wars.  Let's not blow that this week.

Links and full recap coming tomorrow.

Let's Go Chargers!!

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