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Music City Miracles and The New York Times

Earlier in the week I was contacted by John Woods of the New York Times NFL Blog, The Fifth Down, about writing a 100 words about this Sunday's game.  Here is what I wrote:

The key to this game for the Titans is getting pressure on Brett Favre. Favre has cut down on the interceptions in the last few weeks. The biggest reason for that is the success of Thomas Jones and the rushing game. Teams have had to cut down on their blitzing to try and control the Jets' run game. The Titans get most of their pressure without blitzing and are very good against the run. If the Titans can get some pressure on Favre, they will force him to throw some balls up for grabs. The Titans' secondary is a group of ballhawks and should be able to take advantage. The game will be close in the fourth quarter, but the Titans pull away late with a pick-6 from Cortland Finnegan.  

Titans, 31-17.    

Here is what Mr. Woods had to say about the game:

Our Titans guys exude the kind of smug confidence that fairly dripped last season from a certain Patriots fan I know. A 10-0 team is nothing to sneeze at (and, kids, please, you should never sneeze at anyone) but the Titans do not measure up well to past 10-0 teams. There is none of the power and drama of the ‘85 Bears, the triumphant pageantry of the ‘98 Broncos or the glitzy style of the ‘07 Patriots. There has to be some reason the Titans have excited little enthusiasm outside the realm of pulled pork and twangy bluegrass.    

I'm callin' it. I called it for Obama at 9:30 p.m. on election night, in front of a dozen witnesses, 40 minutes before The Times did. I swear I knew that was a touchdown for the Stihlers before Polamalu even touched the ball. And I am calling this game right now for the Jets. The Titans' ungainly streak across the midfield of our imagination is - thank goodness - about to end. The T-Men have had a lowercase season in every measure but winning: They've been outgained by their opponents in four of 10 victories and only two of their wins have come against a winning team. It is not the stuff Super Bowls are made of.

Jets, 27-17.    

Pretty strong words there.  Be sure and head over to the site to see what other Titans bloggers wrote about the game.  It doesn't appear to me that anyone exuded any kind of smug confidence.  All of us just think the team we support will win the game.