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Week 12 NFL Power Rankings: Getting ready for B-B-B-Brett Favre and the Jets Edition

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From BigW:

For a second straight week Captain Graybeard has shredded the defense with his arm, Justin Gage has finally came out of his coma, Chris Carr has a huge game, Bjones steps up, anything else? If one thing can be said about the Titans it's that they are definitely a TEAM. Every week someone else is stepping up to make a play. If you can make Mercury Morris like you then it's a safe bet everyone can!

Vic Carucci keeps us at #1

"With no one breathing down their collective necks, the Titans' challenge is to stay motivated."

I don't see that being a problem with Fish at the helm......

ESPN has us up top as well.

"They welcome the extra attention that the Jets will bring to Nashville."

Anything that deflects the attention from the undefeated season would have to be welcome.

Adrian Hasenmeyer is still singing our praises. Man I'd love to talk to him now that he's changed his tune

"One of the few remaining questions about the unbeaten Titans was how they would respond to a big deficit. How about outscoring the Jaguars 21-0 in the second half, thanks to three second-half TD passes from Kerry Collins -- all to wide receivers? Even better, their defense seemed insulted and held Jacksonville to a mere 75 yards on 36 total plays over eight failed drives ... for a microscopic average of 2.1 yards per play."

Pete Prisco is jumping the gun a bit.....

"Now that they've shown they can pass it to win games, where are the weak spots? There aren't any. They can essentially clinch home-field advantage by beating the Jets this week."

Well we still can't seem to crack the #1 spot with the bookies. It'll come.

"Tennessee outscored the Jags 21-0 in the second half to continue its unbeaten season. Held Jacksonville to 117 passing yards."

It's a shame that the only decent sports reporting is coming from blogs.

Last week: Staring their first loss of the season square in the face at division rival Jacksonville, the Titans jumped on Kerry Collins's back for the second straight week, and he responded with three second-half touchdown passes in a 24-14 win.   

Cold, Hard Football Facts: In his last two games, wide receiver Justin Gage has recorded 194 yards on just 8 receptions (24.3 yards per catch) while scoring 3 TDs.   

Week 12 matchup: vs. N.Y. Jets. The Titans' top-ranked scoring defense (13.1 PPG) will have to contend with the Jets' second-ranked scoring offense (28.9 PPG). 


PFT puts us at the top again. I gotta say I've lost all respect for Florio though. What a douche canoe. (credit August West) 

Sports Illustrated

Dr.Z finally hits the nail on the head.

Bill Walsh used to like to draw the analogy between NFL football and a heavyweight fight. On Sunday the Titans got knocked to the canvas in the early rounds. Then they got up and landed the heavy blows. In the second half the Jaguars ran off six series until they crossed midfield. They picked up three first downs in the half. Jeff Fisher believes in multiple subs on his D-line, which is great if you have the personnel. Why are they ranked No. 1 ahead of the Giants? Because they didn't get blown out by Cleveland and NY did.

That's exactly why we should be #1 in every poll.