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Tennessee Titans 24 Jacksonville Jaguars 14 Quick Recap

10-0.  That is pretty incredbile.  This team proved again today that they can win when they don't bring their A game.  That first half was the worst half of football I have seen the Titans play in a long time, but they overcame that and rolled in the second half.  The defense, as has been their custom this seaosn, gave up some really bad plays but only gave up 14 points.

There wasn't a lot of running room again today, but bizzaro receiver world contiued with Brandon Jones and Lavelle Hawkins dropping passes and Justin Gage making big plays.  Gage finished with 147 yards and 2 touchdowns.  Welcome back 12 Gage.  Kerry Collins proved once again that he can win a ball game with 230 yards passing and 3 touchdowns.

Another week another win.  It wasn't pretty, but it counts just like the rest of them.  

Links and a full recap in the morning.